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Surviving a Workplace Suspension is your essential step-by-step guide to your rights in the event of suspension. Suspension is the result of a decision by your employer that the usual employment relationship cannot function
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    Employee Rescue

There are three types of formal written communication that you engage in where you have a formal dispute with your employer…
Fight a Probation Dismissal No avatar Use the guide on "How to fight dismissal on probation"
" Everyone will tell you that you have no hope if you are dismissed whilst on probation. This is not true. Many people simply give up because of this myth. If you don’t have a fortune to spend on legal advice then just use this guide. "
Ask questions about discrimination at work No avatar Use "How to use the Questions Procedure" Guide
" This e-book helps you to gather evidence including statistics and information about comparators, and pools for comparison to prove your discrimination case. "
Stop Bullying and harassment at work No avatar Use "How to write a Grievance about Bullying and Harassment" Guide
" This guide provides in depth direction on writing a grievance about bullying and harassment at work. "
Defend yourself if you are suspended No avatar Use the "Surviving a Workplace Suspension" Guide
" Surviving a Workplace Suspension will take you through the correct procedures for suspension so that you can make sure that you are treated reasonably and fairly. "
Prepare for a disciplinary hearing No avatar Use The Disciplinary Hearing Guide
" Your Employer can discipline you for conduct, capability or some other substantial reason. This book provides all the information, templates and guidelines that you need to help you through the disciplinary hearing. "


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