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What we will do for you

We offer free basic advice and signposting to resources on the website. In addition, we can assist you with internal grievance and disciplinary matters. For Employment Tribunal claims, we offer a self-litigation package and a qualified representation package. We will supply you with a quote based on your claim and needs.



With the self -litigation package, we draft or amend your Grounds of Complaint for you. You would then file your claim and represent yourself with our support as needed.


Qualified Representation

In the qualified representation package, we offer the following:


(a) Draft ET1 and Grounds of Claim/Amend grounds of claim

(b) Draft PHR Agenda & formal list of issues

(c) All Preliminary Hearings (by phone or video conference)

(d) Schedule of Loss (Statement of Remedy)

(e) Discovery – Preparation, assistance and negotiation of discovery issues.

(f) ACAS Conciliation & negotiation with Respondent (drawing up terms of settlement)