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How to survive a Criminal Charge, Conviction or Police Caution at Work

  • Your Right to Silence
  • Facing a Charge or Conviction
  • Facing Custody or Remand
  • Frustration of contract
  • My colleagues want me sacked because of the charge, conviction or police investigation. What do I do? 

See: Disciplinary Proceedings (Fighting Dismissal)


    If you have received a criminal charge, conviction, been cautioned or are the subject of a police investigation at work, then this is the guide for you. ACAS says that just because you are charged with or convicted of a criminal offence, received a caution or are the subject of a police investigation, is not enough in itself for disciplinary action to be taken against you. Your Employer needs to consider the impact of the charge or conviction on your ability to do the job, and whether the charge or conviction impacts on your work relationships and/or customers.

    If the outcome of your Employers investigation shows that some disciplinary action is necessary, your employer does not have to await the outcome of prosecution before starting the disciplinary procedure. The police should not be asked to conduct any investigation on behalf of your employer, neither should they be present at any meeting or disciplinary meeting. This Guide provides you with information on matters such as your right to silence, how to deal with a charge or conviction and much more.

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