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Employee Representative Guide for Non-union Workplaces

The role of the Employee Representative is particularly important since they are the only means by which employees can have a say in company decisions that affect them. It can be a very rewarding role in terms of your professional development, and confidence.
This guide simplifies the Law and Codes of Practice so that you are able to apply them effectively at work. It contains concise information and guidance including templates, sample agreements and direction to free web resources so that you can be the best informed, knowledgeable and effective Employee Representative in your workplace.

See: At Work (Your Rights At Work)


    How do you enforce your rights if there is no Trade Union at work?   This Guide  details the law and processes applicable to an Employee Representative in a non-unionised workplace. An Employee representative is a colleague who speaks officially for an employee or group of employees and represents them in employer forums such as managers meetings, disciplinary proceedings, redundancy situations and transfers of undertakings.

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