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Indirect Sex Discrimination costs employer £184,961.32

Posted on: Sep 09,2021

In Thompson v Scancrown Ltd [2021] the employer was ordered to pay Ms Thompson £ 184,961.32 as compensation for indirect sex discrimination.

The sex discrimination claim came about when Manors Estate Agents (Scancrown Ltd.)  refused to allow an adjustment to Ms Thompson’s hours to enable her to collect her daughter from nursery despite the fact that previously two other employees had been granted this facility.   She also overheard Mr Sellar (the proprietor)  saying to a colleague at a social event “I thought, for f***’s sake, why is she pregnant when we are doing so well? I was warned about employing a married woman of her age.’   Mrs. Thompson resigned and brought a sex discrimination claim against the firm. The Employment Tribunal awarded  £184,961.32 in a detailed breakdown of the calculation in the Remedy Judgment.

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