How to write a grievance about the behaviour of a colleague, manager or supervisor

Complain about the behaviour of a colleague, manager or supervisor

This guide shows you how to write a grievance about behaviour that you are unhappy with, which is not as serious as bullying and harassment but is causing you to have problems at work.  It helps you lay the foundations for discussions about the behaviour, whilst at the same time formalising your complaint in order to protect you position if matters do not improve. Perhaps your manager or supervisor is making you work in a way that is causing you problems within your team or you have problems with a colleague’s attitude, or capability for the job. Where the grievance is against your line manager, you should approach another manager or raise the issue with your HR department if there is one.


This Guide provides in depth direction on writing a grievance about the behaviour of a colleague, manager or supervisor. It shows you how to escalate breaches of policy and employment law, strategies and issues of limitation that you need to be aware of.





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