Time limits in the Employment Tribunal




Time Limits Overview

  • Time limits are strictly applied in the Employment Tribunal. If you miss your time limit you will not be able to proceed with your claim.
  • Most time limits are 3 months from the date of the event you are complaining of. 3 months is calculated by counting the date of the event you are complaining of as the first day of the 3-month period.
  • Time limit calculation includes all days, and not just working days.
  • Use the time limit checklist to make sure of the correct date to insert, and use the correct calculator. If your claim is not on the list use the general calculator and count the time from the act or acts you are complaining of.
  • If your Employer’s conduct extends over a period, the time limit runs from the date of the last act that you are complaining of.
  • Where you have more than one claim, calculate the time limit for every single act that you are complaining of.
  • Time limits are extended by the requirement for ACAS Early Conciliation.


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