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Access to Justice

Access to justice and the right to a fair hearing are fundamental to the rule of law and any just society which values dignity and fairness. In R (on the application of Unison) v Lord Chancellor, the Supreme Court said;

‘The constitutional right of access to the courts is inherent in the rule of law.…the value to society of the right of access to the courts is not confined to cases in which the courts decide questions of general importance. People ….need to know, on the one hand, that they will be able to enforce their rights if they have to do so, and, on the other hand, that if they (employers) fail to meet their obligations, there is likely to be a remedy against them. It is that knowledge which underpins everyday economic and social relations. That is so, notwithstanding that judicial enforcement of the law is not usually necessary, and notwithstanding that the resolution of disputes by other methods is often desirable’.

Achieve Results Without the Hefty Fees

Employee Rescue provides guidance and resources to help Employees gain Access to Justice in the Employment Tribunal. Over 95% of the guidance on our website is free and we equip you with the tools and resources you need to resolve your workplace problems by raising a grievance, using ACAS Early Conciliation or filing a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

Our Mission

1. We want you to keep your job

This is why we provide you with all the free information, signposting and resources so that you know your rights and obligations as well as what the law expects from your employer.

2. We want you to know what to do

This is why we give you the full legal information about your rights. We don’t just tell you that you have a legal right. We show you where the law is written and give you templates and tactics to sort it out yourself.

3. We don’t want you to pay an arm and a leg

You are your own best advocate. Who knows your case better than you? This is why our guides are so complete with all the legal steps explained so that you can apply the law to your situation.

4. We know you don’t have to go to the Employment Tribunal to win your case

This is why we encourage dispute resolution through negotiation, early conciliation and mediation. We give you information, and legal tactics so that you can negotiate a good reference and compensation with your employer if you have to leave the job. Why go to the employment tribunal if you can negotiate a binding settlement yourself all through ACAS Early Conciliation?

5. We want you to win your Employment Tribunal claim

Winning is not just about getting compensation. It is about having the minimum amount of stress and not bankrupting yourself in the process.  This is why we provide the resources and guidance to help you prepare your Employment Tribunal claim.


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