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  • How to write a grievance about unauthorised deductions from your wages or salary by: Employee Rescue £17.99

    This guide provides in depth direction on writing a grievance about unauthorised deductions from your wages or salary. It shows you how to escalate breaches of policy and employment law, strategies and issues of limitation that you need to be aware of.

    What is a grievance?

    The ACAS Code defines grievances as “concerns, problems or complaints that employees raise with their employers”.  You can raise a grievance about things like your terms and conditions of employment, health and safety, workplace relationships, new working practices, organisational changes, equality, discrimination, bullying and harassment, and whistleblowing.   Always try to resolve problems informally before raising a grievance.

    Unauthorised Deductions

    It is an implied term of your employment contract that your employer will pay your wages. In return, you must be ready and willing to perform all of your obligations under the employment contract. Generally, it does not matter whether there is any work for you to do. You are still entitled to pay if you are unable to work through no fault of your own.  You and your employer are free to make any legal arrangements on pay, but your wages must not be less that the National Minimum Wage if you are under 25 or the National Living Wage if you are over 25. You are not entitled to pay for any period of time when you can work, but refuse to work.
    Part 2 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA 1996) gives you protection against unlawful deductions from wages. This protection extends to those working under a contract of employment, apprentices and individuals who are undertaken to personally perform work or services. If you think you have been underpaid, or that your employer has made an unlawful deduction from your wages, use this guide to understand your rights before taking any action.

    This guide includes explanations of current relevant case law and legal terms. It shows you how to frame a grievance specifically about unauthorised deductions from your wages or salary, explain the net amount you believe that you are owed and on what basis you are making the claim.


  • Surviving a disciplinary investigation at work by: Employee Rescue £17.99

    What is a disciplinary investigation?

    A disciplinary investigation is a fact-finding mission. No more and no less. The purpose is to find out on the balance of probabilities whether there is a case to answer. It is not an exercise to find out whether an employee is guilty or not. Workplace investigations can be carried out in a variety of situations, and not just in disciplinary action. Investigations happen for example where there are;

    • Matters of misconduct
    • Capability
    • Bullying and harassment
    • Absence
    • Grievances
    • Whistleblowing allegations

    You continue to have employment rights during the investigation.  The ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures applies to any matters relating to discipline. Your employer has a legal duty to act reasonably and use a fair procedure. The ACAS Guide gives directions on what it is to act reasonably and fairly, and the duties are further developed by the Courts and Tribunals in case law.

    This e-book is your essential step-by-step guide to the workplace investigation process. It includes templates for witness statements and preparing your chronology. It does not just regurgitate generic information about internal investigation, but supplies you with directions on law and processes that you can apply to your own situation. The book has 61 pages of guidance which includes;

    Preparing your statement of defence
    Your rights in whistle-blowing investigations
    The allegations against you
    The investigation/fact-finding meeting
    Your right to confidentiality
    The evidence against you
    Witnesses and witness statements (including anonymous witnesses)
    Investigation of criminal offences at work


  • Surviving a workplace suspension by: Employee Rescue £17.99

    This e-book is your essential step-by-step guide to Suspension.  It provides you with information on your legal rights and remedies available to you…flip book over for more