Employment Tribunal Fees Review

The House of Commons Justice Committee has published its review into Court and Tribunal Fees.  Note that this report is separate from the Governments report which was completed in 2015 and never published.

Some key findings of the report are that;

  • There has been a significant drop in the number of employment tribunal claims since fees were introduced.
  • The Government says that the drop is because of the success of ACAS Early Conciliation. This assertion is not based on any real analysis.
  • Fees “have had a significant adverse impact on access to justice for meritorious claims”.
  • The ‘type A’ and ‘type B’  distinction between claims has nothing to do with the complexity or length of cases and yet fees are higher depending on the type of case.
  • The level of fees should be substantially reduced.
  • The fee remission system (help to pay tribunal fees for those on a low income) should be overhauled.


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