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This section provides you with resources for dealing with the various problems that arise at work. ACAS says on its website that “…harmonious workplace relationships are essential to optimum business efficiency. Even minor problems can develop into grievances or disputes if they’re not dealt with quickly and effectively. This is true of issues involving individuals or groups (including trade unions or other representatives).”

We agree, however our focus is not so much on “optimum business efficiency”. Our focus is on you as the individual, and all the workplace problems that you face daily. We don’t discuss how an employer should deal with problems. We give you information and guidance on how YOU can deal with YOUR problems, your legal rights and advice on how to enforce those rights for yourself. We don’t gloss over things. We say it as it is. We hold your hand when you need us and let go when you don’t.  We don’t have all the answers, but we will build up resources and guidance as you share your problems with us.

To use this service, scroll down to Related Pages  where you will find detailed guidance with signposts to the best of what is available on the web. Below that, under Related Resources you will find Employee Rescue Legal Guides, with templates, tactics and detailed information to help you with your case. There are more resources in the E-Book shop. You can also use the search facility or the site map to go straight to what you need.  If you need more help contact us and we are happy to help with specific information, advice and directions on what to do.


Grievance cover   capability cover   Alcohol and drugs cover  hearing cover   Health and safety dismissal cover   Suspension cover

How to write a grievance that gets you what you want

Going through Capability or performance management; Understand the process

Alcohol and Drugs at work; A guide to dealing with your problem

The Disciplinary Hearing; Understanding the process and surviving it

Health and Safety dismissal – A guide to your rights

Surviving a workplace suspension




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