Bank Holidays



What are bank holidays?

Bank holidays are days when, by royal proclamation or by the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, banks are entitled to close. “Bank” and “Public” holidays are used interchangeably but they are basically the same thing. Bank holidays can be specified by Royal proclamation as well as by legislation but the main law covering bank holidays is the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971.  There are other pieces of legislation governing bank holidays, these include;


There are six bank holidays and two public holidays a year which are;

New Year’s Day

Good Friday (public holiday)

Easter Monday

First Monday in May

Last Monday in May 

Last Monday in August

Christmas Day (public holiday)

Boxing Day


Do I have a right to paid leave on bank holidays?

Not unless your contract of employment says you are entitled to be paid. Paid time off on bank holidays can be set-off against your annual leave or can be an extra benefit in your employment contract.  Although some employers will pay extra if you work on a bank holiday, you have no right to this unless it is part of your terms and conditions of employment. If your employer does not pay your holiday pay, you may have a claim for unauthorised deduction of wages. You must start by raising a grievance.

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